Idaho News

1. Authorities have informed the people in Boise, Idaho which have recently fueled their cars at several stations that are located close to the freeway that thieves have installed devices in the pumps in order to read their credit cards’ data and clone it. People are advised to verify their cards in order to see if they have been charged for things they know they did not buy.

idaho news

idaho news

The policemen did not tell which of the gas stations were involved, but they told people to check their cards. The pumps have been put in order and are now safe to be used. This type of problem is a real challenge for many policemen, which have admitted that thieves are always upgrading the methods they use, thus making their techniques more and more difficult to be uncovered. People that observe strange activities taking place close to a gas pump should call 911 and inform the police.

2. The Davis Cup quarterfinals are going to be held in Taco Bell Arena and the tennis lovers will certainly enjoy looking at the matches that will take place between the Serbia and U.S. teams. In Boise, Idaho, several tennis-related events are going to be organized.

At the same time, people who are interested in learning about the Unites States Tennis Association will be invited to attend several meetings. The 2nd of April, for example, was set as the day dedicated to families, as children aged 5 to 13 will be invited to participate in free tennis games.

3. Students from College of Idaho have started a great project that will ease the access to water for people in Haiti. It all began with one student at the college that has returned from a trip to Haiti, from a region where people, especially children, were forced to walk for hours in order to get the water they then drank.

Last November, during a fight for water, the cousin of this student was injured, and shortly after that he died. Today students raise money in order to install 40 tanks of water for the needy population of Haitian villages.

4. The organizers of the Dairy Days parade have declared that the parade will not be held this year due to a road construction. The popular event will be postponed due to work at the Meridian Split Corridor Project. Authorities have tried to find another route for the parade, but they have not managed to find any solution.

The organizers of the parade say that they are going to bring back the parade in 2014, once all the construction will be finished and the route will be again suitable for the event. Every year close to 20,000 people participate in this parade, which is dedicated to the dairy products.

5. One hundred high school students from Idaho will do volunteer work during the spring break. They are dedicated to staying away from the sunny beaches and relaxation in order to improve their community. The name of this ambitious project is “Breakthrough” and use two vacation days for the volunteer work. A building will be renovated, its old walls will be sanded down, new flooring is going to be installed, and a lot of cleaning and landscaping will be done as well.

The building is an abandoned firehouse that the teenagers are completely renovating during spring break. Teens belong to 13 high schools in the region, and they all volunteered for the project.