Louis Kraml, a Visionary CEO

Louis Kraml is the CEO of Bingham Memorial Hospital in Southeast Idaho. Over a decade ago, the hospital was in dire straits. He has hired some of the best doctors in the area. He led the hospital’s conversion to a non-profit, which allows them to focus on what they do best – take care of patients. Bingham has experienced monumental growth and improvement because they are a non-profit and are able to reinvest in the hospital by purchasing new technology, new equipment and remodeling both the interior and exterior of the hospital with patient and physician comfort in mind.

Louis Kraml Cares About Patients

louis kraml

Louis Kraml

Louis Kraml is a man who really cares about people, and he wants to improve every patient’s experience. He aspires to take that experience to a whole new level of comfort, and make the patient fell like they are at home when they are at the hospital. Kraml’s intention in converting the hospital to a non-profit organization was to focus on patient care. Under this man’s leadership the hospital has done some amazing things. They take exquisite care of patients, are able to provide medical care that is not readily available in our area and Bingham Memorial has become a destination hospital. He has given extraordinary effort to make these changes. Not many men would do that. No ordinary man could do that.


Louis Kraml Cares About Idaho

If you are a physician or medical provider, Idaho is ranked as one of the best places in the US for you to practice. Idaho is an outdoor utopia with a low cost of living and it also gives you the opportunity to be close to exceptional public and private schools and universities. It is a great place to live and raise a family with a quality of life second to none. Louis Kraml wants to have and actively recruits the best physicians to come and work at Bingham Memorial Hospital. He says physicians and providers who come to Bingham are very satisfied that they did.

Bingham Memorial Hospital Is Recognized

Louis Kraml is taking Bingham Memorial and its affiliates in a direction of excellence and quality that no one thought or believed were possible a decade ago. The hospital is dedicated to exceptional patient-centered outcomes, and Kraml wants to ensure that every patient receives the best possible medical attention.

This unwavering commitment to excellence is being recognized nationally. For two years in a row, Press Ganey has awarded Idaho Doctors’ Hospital, an affiliate of Bingham Memorial, with the Summit Award. This award represents two years of receiving 95 percent patient satisfaction scores from their surveys. Press Ganey has also ranked Idaho Doctors’ Hospital number one in Idaho and number three in the nation for patient satisfaction.

The quality initiatives and programs Kraml puts in place at the hospital are organizationally efficient and cost-effective. Many of the grants that Bingham Memorial receives are used to support quality improvement projects and community preparedness.

All of this happened under the leadership of Louis Kraml. He is doing a stellar job of making a great hospital that is receiving high marks outside of normal quality metrics.

What about Bingham Memorial Hospital?

From humble beginnings and the sacrifice of an entire community over sixty years ago, Bingham Memorial Hospital in Blackfoot was created with the aspiration of offering medical care close to home. Since that time, the county-owned facility managed to keep the doors open and serve the patient well.

Bingham has had its struggles, like many rural community hospitals – but that changed under the leadership of Louis Kraml. It was converted to a non-profit organization and by diligently serving patients and physicians with excellence, that small hospital has become a great success. Today it has developed into a huge medical facility with the finest physicians, staff and medical care available.

Critical Access Hospitals are a necessity in Idaho and in rural America, and even small hospitals can significantly impact a community. In the last 15 years, Bingham Memorial has grown into a stable and beneficial economic influence, providing quality medical care and becoming the county’s 5th largest employer. Louis Kraml is making it into one of the best hospitals in the nation.

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Inventors that Change People’s Life: Steve Foose

Our guest today is Mr. Steve Foose, the inventor of the EZ Step Bathtub to Shower Conversion kit. His company made the first bathtub to shower conversion in America close to 20 years ago.

ez-step-walk-in-showerEverything started when a client approached Mr. Foose at a home and garden show, asking him if he could cut a portion of an existing tub and fit a small door in that space, thus allowing anyone to easily get in and out of the bathtub. This question has led to the creation of the first conversion kit prototype, which was presented at the following show, attracting a lot of interest and triggering many sales.

“My company was the first one in the country to have built a custom shower enclosure for an existing bathtub. Nowadays we convert existing tubs into walk-in showers and wheel chair access showers”.

But Steve Foose didn’t keep all the info for himself; he has taught many people how to convert the bathtubs to walk in bathtubs and walk in showers over the years, and now his invention is being spread across the entire U.S.A.

According to him, a full line of EZ Step do-it-yourself kits will be available soon, allowing the handy men that have the needed skills to do the walk-in bathtub conversion by themselves. The first version of the kit will also include safety mats and grab bars; custom built shower doors can be added to the order, if needed.

But how does Steve Foose’s invention make the people’s lives better? It is a well known fact that the senior citizens have less mobility and balance; this is especially true with people that are at least 65 years old.

About 4 out of 5 people of this age account for the bathroom-related injuries in the U.S.A, and over 35% of the elders require hospital admission after suffering an accident in the bathroom. This explains why the walk-in showers have become so popular; having a low step-in threshold will reduce the accident risks significantly.

This is where the EZ Step Bathtub to Shower Conversion kit comes into play: it can change the tub into a walk-in tub, offering the senior citizens who want to continue enjoying a good bath the best of both worlds: the comfort that arises from taking a real bath and the safety of a low step-in bathtub.

In addition to this, Steve Foose recommends installing grab bars in the bathroom; they are inexpensive and they can boost the bathroom safety levels considerably. “Holding onto the shower door or using the towel bars to support yourself are not the best options; in fact, by doing this, you increase the injury risk dramatically”, said Mr. Foose.

“The improvised tub seats are even worse; they create the illusion of safety and comfort, but most time they are flimsy, plastic-made chairs that can slip on the wet bathroom floor, leading to unwanted consequences”.

According to a study produced by the National Safety Council, at least an American dies each day because of a bathroom-related accident, and the numbers are growing each year. Not only that, but close to 400 Americans sustain injuries in their bathrooms each day. Under these circumstances, Mr. Foose’s invention can definitely bring hope to people that have limited mobility.

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Shriners Hospitals

Shriners hospitals are spread all over the U.S. and they are dedicated to serving children with the highest possible quality medical aid. Kids with neuromusculoskeletal deficiency are among the targeted patients, as well as kids with burn injuries and kids with all sorts of other healthcare special needs.

The hospitals are also working as learning centers for doctors and specialists that want to increase the quality of their work by serving the sick children. Several studies and researches have been conducted by the Shriners hospitals, and many of the results have already been used to improve healthcare and medical performance in the medical institutions that have kids as patients.

The doctor examines the small patientKids come to Shriners hospitals when they are referred by physicians or family doctors. All kids up to 18 years old may become patients in the hospital if the team of specialists agrees that the medical procedures performed by the hospital can help improve the kids’ health.

The only factor that influences the decision is represented by the medical needs the kid has. And once the kid is accepted, the parents receive all the needed information and support.

The hospital was founded back in 1922 and since then doctors have treated orthopedic conditions in hundreds of thousands of children. There are numerous conditions that the hospital doctors are able to treat, among them being cerebral palsy, dwarfism, fracture complications, limb deficiencies, neurofibromatosis, flat feet and many other conditions related to orthopedics.

Shriners hospitals are recognized all over the U.S. as one of the pioneers in burn care. In fact, burn survivors are treated in the hospital since 1960, and some of the most important advancements in burn care have been successfully done at Shriners. Among the conditions treated at Burn Care, there are burns, gynecomasyia, inhalation injuries, congenital hand deformities and many other conditions.

Multi disciplinary doctor teams are created in order to take care of kids that have a cleft lip or palate. Kids are trained to be able to feed themselves, communicate, and breathe better. Such kids are even helped to feel better about them. Speech therapy is also included here, as well as all sorts of modern medical procedures that are capable to significantly improve the quality of a kid’s life.

Shriners hospitals for children were the first health care providers that have developed rehabilitation for spinal cord injuries in children. It is there that numerous innovative techniques were used to help children that suffered from spinal cord injuries. Kids are enrolled in physical and occupational therapies, are trained to use adaptive devices, and are helped to get back to school, thus providing them the chance to have a life as normal as possible.

Shriners hospitals are also interested in providing ongoing education for professionals. The results of the tests, researches and studies are shared with the medical community in the entire world. Doctors can enroll to various courses that are organized every year at the hospital. Presentations, national and international conferences are organized annually, and doctors from all over the U.S. and even the entire world come to get trained at Shriners Hospitals.

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Idaho News

1. Authorities have informed the people in Boise, Idaho which have recently fueled their cars at several stations that are located close to the freeway that thieves have installed devices in the pumps in order to read their credit cards’ data and clone it. People are advised to verify their cards in order to see if they have been charged for things they know they did not buy.

idaho news

idaho news

The policemen did not tell which of the gas stations were involved, but they told people to check their cards. The pumps have been put in order and are now safe to be used. This type of problem is a real challenge for many policemen, which have admitted that thieves are always upgrading the methods they use, thus making their techniques more and more difficult to be uncovered. People that observe strange activities taking place close to a gas pump should call 911 and inform the police.

2. The Davis Cup quarterfinals are going to be held in Taco Bell Arena and the tennis lovers will certainly enjoy looking at the matches that will take place between the Serbia and U.S. teams. In Boise, Idaho, several tennis-related events are going to be organized.

At the same time, people who are interested in learning about the Unites States Tennis Association will be invited to attend several meetings. The 2nd of April, for example, was set as the day dedicated to families, as children aged 5 to 13 will be invited to participate in free tennis games.

3. Students from College of Idaho have started a great project that will ease the access to water for people in Haiti. It all began with one student at the college that has returned from a trip to Haiti, from a region where people, especially children, were forced to walk for hours in order to get the water they then drank.

Last November, during a fight for water, the cousin of this student was injured, and shortly after that he died. Today students raise money in order to install 40 tanks of water for the needy population of Haitian villages.

4. The organizers of the Dairy Days parade have declared that the parade will not be held this year due to a road construction. The popular event will be postponed due to work at the Meridian Split Corridor Project. Authorities have tried to find another route for the parade, but they have not managed to find any solution.

The organizers of the parade say that they are going to bring back the parade in 2014, once all the construction will be finished and the route will be again suitable for the event. Every year close to 20,000 people participate in this parade, which is dedicated to the dairy products.

5. One hundred high school students from Idaho will do volunteer work during the spring break. They are dedicated to staying away from the sunny beaches and relaxation in order to improve their community. The name of this ambitious project is “Breakthrough” and use two vacation days for the volunteer work. A building will be renovated, its old walls will be sanded down, new flooring is going to be installed, and a lot of cleaning and landscaping will be done as well.

The building is an abandoned firehouse that the teenagers are completely renovating during spring break. Teens belong to 13 high schools in the region, and they all volunteered for the project.

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Medical News

1. As numerous persons fight obesity and its terrible consequences, the studies that are performed in the domain are diverse and they have recently come to the conclusion that microbes in our gut influence the metabolism in many ways.

obesity news

obesity news

A breath test is at present capable to inform if a person is susceptible to developing obesity. The study was published these days in The Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism and it has demonstrated that the hydrogen and methane levels, if they are above certain values, are directly linked to the weight of the patients. The higher these levels are, the bigger the BMI index is.

Specialists have suggested that certain bacteria are responsible for extracting more calories than normal from the food we eat. The study is the first that shows the link between the levels of hydrogen, methane and weight. Almost 800 persons were tested and the patients with higher levels of these gases in their breath were determined to be clearly prone to obesity. The pointed bacteria in our gut are useful, being responsible from extracting energy and nutrients from food. Nevertheless, it seems that when these bacteria are present in a too large quantity, the energy balance is altered and the person is gaining weight much faster.

2. A team of specialists in Denmark has developed a search engine that is able to collect information related to extremely rare diseases.  Radu Dragusin from the Technical University of Denmark and his team published the result of their activity in the Journal of Medical Informatics. A rare disease occurs less than once in 2000 persons and as more and more people are looking for information on the internet, the team of professionals tried to create a search engine that is dedicated to finding information related to rare diseases.

There are about 7,000 known, rare diseases at this point, and at least 25 million Americans are suffering from them. Due to the lack of information, the European specialists have determined that one in four persons that is diagnosed with a rare disease might not receive the proper treatment for several years. The rare disease medical search engine is called FindZebra; the term “zebra” refers to rare diseases in the medical world.

3. The more isolated life a person has, the shorter the life of that person, says the result of a recent study conducted at University College London. The conclusions were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Even persons that are living a happy life which is characterized by solitude are likely to have a shorter life, says the study. The lack of human interaction is directly linked to the length of life for that particular person. Social isolation and loneliness increase the possibility of premature death.

4. A new study has demonstrated the link between the way the brain of babies functions when the parents are in conflict. Babies are strongly influenced by the tone of voice, says the conclusions of a study published in Psychological Science magazine. It has been demonstrated that the babies respond to angry tones of voice even when they are not awake.

The study shows clearly that the brains of the babies develop according to the environment stimulation. During the study, the researchers have demonstrated that the brain changes its activity depending on the tone of the parents’ voices. Babies that come from homes where people fight each other often are very reactive to an angry tone of voice.

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