Our guest today is Mr. Steve Foose, the inventor of the EZ Step Bathtub to Shower Conversion kit. His company made the first bathtub to shower conversion in America close to 20 years ago.

ez-step-walk-in-showerEverything started when a client approached Mr. Foose at a home and garden show, asking him if he could cut a portion of an existing tub and fit a small door in that space, thus allowing anyone to easily get in and out of the bathtub. This question has led to the creation of the first conversion kit prototype, which was presented at the following show, attracting a lot of interest and triggering many sales.

“My company was the first one in the country to have built a custom shower enclosure for an existing bathtub. Nowadays we convert existing tubs into walk-in showers and wheel chair access showers”.

But Steve Foose didn’t keep all the info for himself; he has taught many people how to convert the bathtubs to walk in bathtubs and walk in showers over the years, and now his invention is being spread across the entire U.S.A.

According to him, a full line of EZ Step do-it-yourself kits will be available soon, allowing the handy men that have the needed skills to do the walk-in bathtub conversion by themselves. The first version of the kit will also include safety mats and grab bars; custom built shower doors can be added to the order, if needed.

But how does Steve Foose’s invention make the people’s lives better? It is a well known fact that the senior citizens have less mobility and balance; this is especially true with people that are at least 65 years old.

About 4 out of 5 people of this age account for the bathroom-related injuries in the U.S.A, and over 35% of the elders require hospital admission after suffering an accident in the bathroom. This explains why the walk-in showers have become so popular; having a low step-in threshold will reduce the accident risks significantly.

This is where the EZ Step Bathtub to Shower Conversion kit comes into play: it can change the tub into a walk-in tub, offering the senior citizens who want to continue enjoying a good bath the best of both worlds: the comfort that arises from taking a real bath and the safety of a low step-in bathtub.

In addition to this, Steve Foose recommends installing grab bars in the bathroom; they are inexpensive and they can boost the bathroom safety levels considerably. “Holding onto the shower door or using the towel bars to support yourself are not the best options; in fact, by doing this, you increase the injury risk dramatically”, said Mr. Foose.

“The improvised tub seats are even worse; they create the illusion of safety and comfort, but most time they are flimsy, plastic-made chairs that can slip on the wet bathroom floor, leading to unwanted consequences”.

According to a study produced by the National Safety Council, at least an American dies each day because of a bathroom-related accident, and the numbers are growing each year. Not only that, but close to 400 Americans sustain injuries in their bathrooms each day. Under these circumstances, Mr. Foose’s invention can definitely bring hope to people that have limited mobility.

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